Emma is a very experienced and nurturing Maternity Reflexologist who has had four natural births herself.

You will benefit enormously from seeing Emma who has extensive experience of treating ‘mums to be’ with great care and supporting them to a healthy pregnancy and calm birth.

little girl holding mum's pregnant tummy

You can have Reflexology after week 16 of your pregnancy right up to the birth. Ideally Emma recommends an appointment every 2 weeks to support the optimum health of mother-to-be and natural development of her baby.

Trimester 2 Reflexology focus will be on general good health and energy and providing holistic therapy for individual pregnancy symptoms and minor ailments such as indigestion/heartburn, backache, symphysis pubis pain, sciatica, mood swings and insomnia.

Trimester 3 Reflexology focus will be on preparing for the birth – priming the endocrine system and the uterus, staying relaxed and grounded to assist the incoming new soul.

Reflexology during pregnancy has been shown to reduce both complications during birth and the length of labour so is ideal preparation for the birth.
(Ref Dr Gowrie Motha and Dr Jane McGrath 1987 Forest Gate Project).

I started seeing Emma shortly after being diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, I had not tried reflexology before and was interested to see how it could help and provide much needed relaxation.

I saw Emma regularly prior to becoming pregnant and also regularly throughout my pregnancy. Emma is so knowledgeable, caring and has been very supportive through out my sessions with her.

More recently she has been able to help with some pregnancy related aches and pains such as pelvic girdle pain. I always enjoy my reflexology sessions and leave feeling completely relaxed. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma.