All stages of life

Emma has been healing people with Reflexology for over 20 years.

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She enjoys treating all ages from new born babies those over 90.

As we age, minor ailments and niggling injuries can linger and become problems which adversely affect our daily lives.

Reflexology supports the body’s own abilities to self-heal, improving symptoms and reducing the need for pain killers, sleep aids and medications.

Emma Mitchell doing reflexology

Following family trauma and sadness, I was suffering from sleepless nights with stomach/bowel problems. After a spell in hospital I was determined to change my mind-set and concentrate on my own health more.
I started relaxation techniques and did some research on how to improve intestinal health and gut flora but was still waking up most nights (often with palpitations) unable to then get back to sleep. I needed something extra to improve my sleep pattern but wanted a natural method.
Then I was introduced to Emma.
On our first appointment we discussed my background history. Emma patiently listened as I poured out my heart, followed by my first session of reflexology – in a beautiful setting with the most relaxing background music. It was just wonderful: a time for me! A time to let go of all worries and stress.
Emma has many years of reflexology experience working towards benefitting individual needs. Immediately, she has a positive touch, adding extra pressure on areas she feels need extra attention; whilst I lay feeling mentally and physically cocooned – insulated from everyday distractions.
Four treatments on and I can honestly say I feel a different person, convinced that reflexology has complimented the extra care I was taking of myself. I now sleep soundly and deeply most nights and feel generally so much happier, healthier and relaxed (and that includes my gut!)


“I have been going to Emma every 3 weeks or so for the past 7 years for regular reflexology treatment. It has helped to preserve the flexibility and movement of my feet as well as giving me a general feeling of great relaxation.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her expertise and professionalism to others.”
R.O. (77 years)

As a busy therapist, it’s important to find support for myself.
Emma is an open, caring and gifted practitioner with whom I trust and relax.
My reflexology with her is for me an important part of my physical and mental maintenance.